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上一篇,同樣是Howard Bryant的這篇外電Nowhere men。在繼續之前,提個與A's新球場有關的事情。近年有看過國外網站為A's近年尋找新球場之議題以各面向分析,在還沒來得及拜讀了解之前,URL就不知道丟到哪去了。找這篇外電相關資料的同時,有看到New A's ballpark,不曉得是不是當初看過的網站就是了,也推薦有興趣的你/妳參訪該站。

The Giants, newly crowned world champions, have told Selig that an A's relocation to San Jose would have a "dramatic and traumatic" effect on a franchise that believes that it is on the cusp of becoming a true financial powerhouse nearing the category of the Red Sox, Cubs and Phillies only through the risk and creativity of privately financing a stadium when few teams dared.

上一屆的世界大賽冠軍巨人隊,一直以來就告訴Selig,A's搬到聖荷西的話將會對一支球隊 (巨人)有戲劇化且創傷性的影響,巨人隊相信A's搬過去後將冒著很少球隊敢有的風險與創造力自己籌錢蓋座球場,變成一支有真正財政實力的球隊,趕上紅襪、小熊與費城人等隊之列

The business and political leadership of San Jose, a new, potentially powerful market and clearly one of the last big cities in the country with enough corporate money and population to support a baseball team, is frustrated that old, backroom rules have made it ineligible to attract a baseball team and fears that Selig -- and not the strength of the city's assets -- will by monarch's rule keep an entire city indefinitely under the umbrella of San Francisco.


Wolff, Guardino and Susan Hammer, the former mayor of San Jose who as mayor twice attempted to lure the Giants to San Jose and is now co-chair of the civic group Baseball San Jose, all believe the city has a winning ballpark initiative it can sell to voters on what they consider an exciting piece of real estate next to public transportation and the HP Pavilion, home of the San Jose Sharks, but are frustrated that Selig has asked patience but hasn't given his blessing to put a stadium initiative on the ballot. The fear among civic boosters is that because of his unwillingness to endorse a ballot measure, Selig is sending the indirect message that he doesn't want the Oakland A's in San Jose. 

Wolff, Guardino以及擔任市長時曾兩度試圖將巨人隊吸引過來的前聖荷西市長Susan Hammer (Hammer現在是civic group Baseball San Jose共同主席)都相信這座城市有一個迷人的球場提案可以推給選民,在大眾運輸系統與NHL San Jose Sharks主場HP Pavilion旁一塊令人感到興奮的地產,但令人受挫的是Selig一直以來要求大家有耐心,但卻尚未同意將球場提案放上公投。當地支持者擔心因為他 (Selig)不願意讓公投案成案,Selig正直接傳達出他不想要Oakland A's待在聖荷西的訊息

"Silicon Valley is driven by innovation and competition," Guardino said. "We are puzzled by a business model that is avoiding competition. It would be very troubling and confusing to keep this precedent that prevents competition." 

"創新和競爭推動著矽谷" Guardino說 "我們對於避免競爭的商業模式感到困惑。保留這個避免競爭的先例真的是令人感到麻煩且困惑"

Meanwhile, there is Oakland, fighting to keep a team in a city whose owners believe has passed it by. There is a growing sentiment in Oakland that despite Wolff's protestations that he has exhausted all avenues to build a stadium in Oakland, ownership is purposely sabotaging the team in a host of onerous ways, by failing to support the A's, to spend money on the big names, and especially by publicly demeaning the city as unviable, all to pursue its only true objective: to move to San Jose -- or else. 

這期間,奧克蘭正奮鬥著欲將這支球隊保留住,該球隊老闆相信就讓時間走完就好。奧克蘭那有一同成長的情感,儘管Wolff主張他已用光了在奧克蘭建球場的所有手段,經營者正有意地以許多費力的方法來破壞這支球隊,不支持A's花錢在知名人士上 (譯註: 應該是指簽知名球員),以及特別地公開貶低這座城市不適合球隊生長,全都是為了一個真正的目標--為搬到聖荷西或著其他地方鋪梗

Wolff bristles at the suggestion that he is not trying to field his best team, reducing the criticism to "just a few fans." However, the concern exists both from A's fans and from rival teams that Wolff's business partner, John Fisher, is one of the richest men in the game but doesn't pay for players. 

Wolff斥責那些說他沒嘗試組出一支最佳隊伍的言論,並減少"只是一些球迷"的批評。然而,一些關心存在於A's及其對手球隊們之間,Wolff的商業夥伴John Fisher是職業運動老闆中最有錢的男性之ㄧ,但他沒有為選手們付出

Rival clubs as well as the Players Association are also concerned that the A's received $32 million in revenue sharing last season with little obvious evidence that the money has gone back into the club payroll.

對手球隊們和選手工會也關心著A's去年有來自收益共享制度 (revenue sharing)的3千2百萬美元,卻沒有明顯證據顯示這些錢用在球隊薪資上

A's officials contend the problem, like Candlestick Park years ago, is the Coliseum, and say that overtures were made to free agents Adrian Beltre and Rafael Furcal, who clearly did not want to play for the team. 

A's官方回說都是球場的錯 (如同多年前巨人的Candlestick Park),他們曾試著補進FA Adrian Beltre與Rafael Furcal,但很明顯地他們不想為這支球隊打球

As an example of their ire and refusal to be manipulated by a team that wants to leave town, sources say Oakland officials are disinclined to offer the A's the chance to renew their stadium lease, which expires after the 2012 season, potentially leaving A's with no place to play. 

一個例子可顯現他們 (奧克蘭當地政府)的怒氣,並且不想被一支想要離開的球隊操弄,消息來源指出奧克蘭當地政府不提供A's更新球場租約,即將在2012球季結束後到期,屆時會讓A's沒地方打球

THE OAKLAND A'S AND SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS have shared the Bay Area since 1968, when Charlie Finley relocated the Athletics to Oakland following 13 dismal years in Kansas City. Financially, neither team went hungry, but by sharing the smallest two-team market in baseball, their plates weren't ever quite full, either. Success was not exactly measured on the balance sheet, but on the playing field, where the A's held not only the lead in titles, but swept San Francisco in the 1989 World Series, marred by the Loma Prieta earthquake. In 14 of the 15 years before the Giants were purchased from Bob Lurie by the ownership led by Peter Magowan, the Athletics outdrew the Giants at the gate. San Francisco responded by attempting unsuccessfully four times to gain voter and political support for a publicly financed stadium; the last failed attempt, in Santa Clara County in 1992, convinced Lurie to move the Giants to St. Petersburg, Fla. When the Giants sought a stadium vote in Santa Clara County, the county was shared territory between the two clubs. According to legend, Walter Haas offered the Giants exclusive territorial rights to Santa Clara for the purpose of the acquiring a stadium out of respect and best interest of the game. 

在堪薩斯城慘澹的13年 (分區爐主、後段班常客)後,已故的前前前老闆Charlie Finley將運動家搬到奧克蘭,而奧克蘭運動家隊以及舊金山巨人隊便自1968年開始共享著灣區。財政上兩隊都不會餓到,但共享著棒球圈最小的兩隊市場則讓他們的盤子都無法裝滿。不能只用資產負債表衡量成功,球場上的表現也是重要的,1989年世界大賽是運動家到奧克蘭後唯一一次擊敗巨人隊封王,那年將巨人橫掃 (譯註: 奧克蘭以及舊金山的對決也只有那一次。而兩隊前身於費城運動家以及紐約巨人時期有在WS交手過,各有輸贏),而著名的Loma Prieta earthquake也在該年世界大賽發生 (譯註,也被稱做World Series Earthquake,因為這個7.1強震就發生1989.10.17正在進行世界大賽系列戰的灣區,第三戰因而中斷十天)。在Peter Magowan為首的集團從Bob Lurie手中將巨人隊買下的15年前期間,有14年運動家的觀眾人數多於巨人隊 (譯註: Lurie於1976年買下巨人,避免它被賣給加拿大的釀酒廠、遷到多倫多,1993年賣給Magowan)。舊金山嘗試著獲得選民以及政界支持一座由公開集資蓋的球場來回應當時情況,曾經歷四次失敗,1992年最後一次在聖塔克拉郡的嘗試失敗後,讓當時的老闆Lurie深信要將巨人隊搬到佛州的聖彼得堡市 (St. Petersburg)。當巨人隊尋求聖塔克拉郡的球場投票時,該郡領土被兩隊共享。根據傳說,A's前前老闆Walter Haas (譯註: Haas自80年代到他1995年去世期間,擔任著A's老闆)因出於尊重巨人隊取得球場的意圖,以及球賽最佳利益,將聖塔克拉郡領土獨占權提供給巨人隊

Haas, of course, would have also benefited in attendance from the Giants moving 40 miles to the south, or if the vote failed, away to Florida. San Francisco baseball fans uninterested in driving to the South Bay during rush hour might be inclined to drive to Oakland instead. "There's a little too much romance on that story," said a baseball source. "This wasn't done simply for altruistic reasons. There was business reasoning behind it. The A's certainly would have benefited greatly if the Giants were no longer there. The problem is that no one anticipated just what those rights would be worth much later. That's why you can't project the future in business." 

Haas當然能自巨人往南移40哩,或是投票沒過後搬到佛羅里達州時獲得好處。舊金山棒球迷沒興趣在尖峰時刻開車到南灣看球 (譯註: 南灣包括這些城市),那反而會讓球迷傾向開車到奧克蘭。"那故事有太多羅曼史"一個來自棒球界的人談到 "那決定並非單單是一些不自私的理由,背後有商業原因。如果巨人隊不在那的話,A's便可大大地從中獲利。問題是沒人預料到那些權利在之後會這麼有價值。這就是你無法預測商業未來" (譯註: 看起來當初Haas是希望巨人往南搬,他便可以吃下原有市場;但巨人沒在聖塔克拉郡建球場,位於聖塔克拉郡那的聖荷西卻是目前A's夢想中的新家。而Hass已去世,到底當初兩隊有沒有這樣喬,無從查證)

"A priceless thing"

In April 2000, when the Giants began their first season at Pacific Bell Park, the dynamic between the A's and Giants changed for good. In the 11 seasons since 2000, the A's have been to the playoffs five times, the Giants four, but the financial gap between two teams has exploded. In the 11 seasons since the Giants left Candlestick Park, they have drawn at least 3 million fans nine times. Their lowest attendance was in 2009, when they drew 2.8 million fans.
2000年4月,巨人隊開始他們在Pacific Bell Park (譯註: 就是目前的巨人主場AT&T Park,蓋好時的名稱叫Pacific Bell Park,該名稱從2000維持到2003)的第一個球季,A's與巨人隊間往好的方面變化。2000年開始的11個球季,A's五度打進季後賽,巨人隊四次;但兩隊間的財政差距爆發開來。巨人隊離開
Candlestick Park後的11年間,他們有9次吸引至少300萬球迷進場。最少的一年是2009的280萬人次

During those same 11 seasons, the A's have never drawn more than 2.2 million and have drawn fewer than 2 million six times, including the past five consecutive seasons.

If there's a viable option in Oakland, then show it to us. Where are the details? We think the one viable site is in downtown San Jose, and if baseball approved us and we couldn't get that site, then San Jose wouldn't be viable, either.

-- A's owner Lew Wolff


--A's老闆 Lew Wolff

While the antidote, Wolff believed, was San Jose, the Giants impressed upon Selig page 205 of the Major League Constitution, attachment 52, where territorial rights are spelled out by county: San Francisco: City of San Francisco; and San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Marin Counties in California; provided, however, that with respect to all Major League Clubs, Santa Clara County in California shall also be included.

當Wolff相信聖荷西是解藥時,巨人隊讓Selig對於大聯盟規章第25頁附件25有印象,那裡清楚說明著依郡劃分的領土權: 舊金山巨人隊的部份: 舊金山市,以及加州的舊金山,San Mateo,Santa Cruz,Monterey 與Marin等郡,也包括加州的聖塔克拉郡

As the San Jose corporate community mobilized, members of the A's front office believed they were in a strong position. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group pledged to the Giants that its corporate membership would maintain its current level of support in terms of marketing, luxury suites and signage with the Giants even in the event of an A's relocation.


The A's also pointed to other recent transactions within the sport. Six years ago, Major League Baseball relocated the Montreal Expos to Washington to become the Nationals. The Nationals moved 30 miles south of Baltimore, home of the Orioles.

A's也指出運動界近期的其他交易。六年前,大聯盟將蒙特婁博覽會隊 (Montreal Expos)換到華盛頓使其成為國民隊。國民隊當初搬到了金鶯主場巴爾的摩南邊30哩

"I don't really think the comp with the Nationals is even a very good one," A's general manager Billy Beane said. "The reason is we're already here. We're not moving into someone else's market. We've been here since 1968."

"我真的不認為國民隊的據點非常好" A's的GM豆爺說 "原因是我們已經在這了,我們未來不會搬到其他人的市場,我們從1968年就在這裡"

Yet league sources said two important differences exist between the two situations. The first is that the baseball constitution stipulated that Washington, D.C., though as close or closer to Baltimore as San Jose is to San Francisco, was never considered part of the Orioles' territorial rights. The second, more important piece is that the Orioles' owner, Peter Angelos, was willing to be compensated for potential losses in revenue by the presence of the Nationals. The Giants, meanwhile, have clearly stated to Selig that territorial rights to the South Bay are non-negotiable, a position Giants president Larry Baer confirmed during a recent A's-Giants interleague game.

聯盟消息來源卻指出兩個情況存在著很大的不同。首先是聯盟規章指出華盛頓D.C從未被認為是金鶯領土的一部份,即使它距離巴爾的摩就像聖荷西距離舊金山一樣近,或者還要更近。第二點,更重要的部份是金鶯的老闆Peter Angelos願意接受因國民隊出現造成潛在收入減少方面的補償。在此同時,巨人隊很清楚地向Selig聲明南灣的領土權沒辦法協商,巨人隊總裁Larry Baer在最近的兩隊跨聯盟系列戰中證實此立場

"That information is 1,000 percent correct," Baer said. "Once you begin talking about negotiating a dollar figure, the horse is already out of the barn. The South Bay was a core piece of our business model when we bought this team. We based much of our entire business strategy on Santa Clara County being a piece of our territory, and I don't think it is overstating it to say that allowing another franchise into our territory would set a dangerous precedent and have a traumatic effect on this franchise. 

"那資訊是百分之ㄧ千正確" Baer說 "一但你開始討論協商數字,一切就來不及了。當我們購買這支球隊時,南灣就是我們商業模式中核心的一塊。我們根據聖塔克拉郡的整體商業策略,那是我們領土的一塊,我不認為說著允許另一支球隊進入我們領土會開危險的先例並且對這支球隊有痛苦影響是言過其實的"

"If we were to go down to 2.5 million [in attendance], we'd be in the [expletive]," Baer said. "This franchise would be completely destabilized. So, for me, the question is this: Is baseball willing to have two teams receiving money from the revenue-sharing pool or one that is so financially healthy that it paid $30 million into it? 

"若我們觀眾數掉到250萬,我們會罵人的" Baer說 "這支球隊會變為不穩定。對我來說,問題是棒球圈是想要兩支球隊從收益共享制度拿到錢,還是一支球隊財政上健康到可付出3000萬美元至收益共享制度?"

"You see," Baer said. "It's a priceless thing."

"你看" Baer說 "那是個無價之寶"

Said Crowley: "I don't doubt he's saying these things, I just doubt he can support them. If I were Larry, I'd be saying the same thing, too. If they got rid of us, they'd have the largest one-team market in baseball. That's his grand slam." 

Crowley說: "我不懷疑他 (譯註: 指Larry Baer)會說這些,我只是懷疑他可以支持他們。如果我是Larry的話,我也會說一樣的話。如果他們消除我們的話,他們會擁有棒球圈內最大的單一球隊市場。那就是他的滿貫全壘打囉"

IN OAKLAND, A CULTURE OF BENIGN DISTRUST exists between the city and Wolff that during difficult moments can drift toward hostility. Both sides claim grievance, and the result is a total collapse of dialogue. The A's have never quite been cultivated by the city leadership and the leadership is now convinced Wolff wants out of Oakland. 


Before he purchased the team, Wolff studied possible stadium locations in Oakland as a consultant for previous team owners Steve Schott and Ken Hofmann and found the political will to build a park lacking. In 2006, as owner Wolff commissioned baseball's architectural firm, HOK, to analyze six sites; the most promising site, called the Uptown site, was dissolved when then-mayor Jerry Brown allocated the land for low-income housing. Subsequently, Wolff says he spent $30 million of his own money to pursue a ballpark on the Fremont site that ultimately was unsuccessful. 

在他買這支球隊以前,Wolff從上一任老闆Steve Schott 與Ken Hofmann的顧問那研讀關於奧克蘭的一些可能球場位置,並有意願蓋一座當地欠缺的球場。2006年,Wolff交付蓋過多座球場的建築公司HOK分析六座地點;最佳地點位於住宅區,被當時的市長Jerry Brown配置給低收入住宅之用便作罷。後來,Wolff說他花了自己的3000萬美元去買位於Fremont市 (譯註: 與奧克蘭同樣位於阿拉米達郡)的球場,最終還是沒有成功

"To me, spending $30 million out of pocket was proof that we meant business," he said. "We weren't fooling around."


In interviews with ESPN.com, Wolff appeared less angry than resigned when it comes to the criticism that he is intentionally burying his own product for the purpose of escaping Oakland. 


"We bought the team with the intention of building a ballpark in Oakland," Wolff said. "All I've said was that we've explored everything we can. I'm willing to sit down with anyone and do a viable baseball-only ballpark in Oakland. If you go through the record, you'll never see me criticize any political person in Oakland. They give up their time for issues more important than baseball. I've been dealing with cities all my life. I'm not out to hurt cities, just the opposite. 

"我們買這支球隊就是想要在奧克蘭蓋球場" Wolff說 "我已經說過我們已盡可能地探尋過任何事物。我願意跟任何人坐下來協商,在奧克蘭打造一座僅供棒球使用的球場。如果你/妳翻閱紀錄,你/妳將不會看到我有批評過任何一位奧克蘭的政治人物。他們/她們將時間留給比棒球重要的議題。我的一生都在跟各城市往來,我不是要遠離去傷害這些城市,剛好相反"

"But the important word here is 'viable.' If there's a viable option in Oakland, then show it to us. Where are the details? We think the one viable site is in downtown San Jose, and if baseball approved us and we couldn't get that site, then San Jose wouldn't be viable, either. We only see one site in the market where a new stadium could work." 

"但是在這裡重要的字是''可行',如果在奧克蘭有可行的選項,請展示給我們看。細節在哪?我們認為一個可行的地點是在聖荷西市中心,如果棒球界允許我們但我們無法取得地點,那聖荷西同樣不可行。在市場上,我們只看一個可以完成新球場的地點 "

Sources say that while Wolff balks at Oakland's prospect, the committee is intrigued by Victory Court, a site near Laney College, the Oakland junior college.

消息指出當Wolff 阻止奧克蘭的前途時,委員會被奧克蘭初級大學Laney College旁的Victory Court所吸引

Wolff said the Victory Court site was unmanageable, adding: "I don't want to hear only about ideas. I want to see plans. It's the details nobody seems to care about." 

Wolff說Victory Court沒辦法管理,再補充提到"我不想只聽到點子,我想要看到計畫。好像沒有人關心細節"

Instead of Wolff having a seat at the table, several sources say government and civic officials are reluctant to discuss plans with Wolff for fear he would attempt to undermine any new site.

Wolff沒坐在談判桌前,多方消息指出政府與當地官員不太願意跟 Wolff討論相關計畫,擔心他會破壞新地點的計畫

"Why would anyone associated with Oakland share any information regarding the plan to locate, approve and construct a baseball-only ballpark in Oakland with Mr. Wolff?" asked Doug Boxer, a civic booster deeply involved with efforts to keep the A's in Oakland. "Since he announced he had no intention to pursue a ballpark in Oakland over three years ago, he has had nothing positive to say about the city that his team plays in. In fact, he has shown outright disdain for the city and the A's fan base in Oakland including in 2009 taking his team's holiday tour to almost every city in the Bay Area except Oakland. Further, any plans shared with Mr. Wolff would be either summarily dismissed or flayed publicly by him with little or no review or diligence. Every A's fan is clear as to where Mr. Wolff would like his team to play -- and it isn't in Oakland."

"為什麼與奧克蘭有關的每一個人要向Wolff先生分享有關在奧克蘭蓋一座僅供棒球使用的球場之地點、許可與建造計畫的任何資訊呢?" 一位很努力要將A's留在奧克蘭的當地支持者Doug Boxer問 "自從他在三年前宣佈不打算在奧克蘭追求一座球場,他就沒有對他的球隊所在的城市說些積極的話。事實上,他已坦白地表示看不起這座城市,A's球迷主要以奧克蘭為主,他們/她們09年幾乎在灣區每座城市討論這支球隊的holiday tour,除了奧克蘭以外。更近一步,與Wolff分享的任何計畫不是概要地被打回票,不然就是被他公開斥責,很少或真的沒有被重新檢視或被注意。每個A's球迷都知道Wolff想要他的球隊在哪裡打球--那不會是奧克蘭"

IN SAN JOSE, MICHAEL MULCAHY, the co-chair with Susan Hammer of the civic group Baseball San Jose, watches a YouTube trailer of "Moneyball," the film project of the best-selling book that transformed the perception of Billy Beane from a general manager to a revolutionary thinker and grows energetic about the possibility of an A's relocation. It provides a temporary boost during what is beginning to feel like a futile battle. Selig may disclose little in terms of words and cautions that the committee has not completed its findings, but like Carl Guardino, Mulcahy's moods are also based on Selig's actions.

在聖荷西,與Susan Hammer一同擔任civic group Baseball San Jose聯合主席的Michael Mulcahy,看了Youtube上面錢球 (Moneyball)的預告 (由布萊德彼特飾演豆爺),那部電影改編自暢銷書籍,那本書將豆爺由一位GM轉變成為一位革命性的思想家。而觀看影片後也讓Mulcahy對於A's可能的新去處更有活力。它在一切將開始像是場無用的戰鬥期間提供暫時的鼓舞。Selig可能根據委員會尚未完成事實認定的字句或是警告稍微透露些什麼,但是像是Carl Guardino以及Mulcahy的心情也同樣受Selig的動作影響

"Unfortunately, the more time that goes by the less
optimistic you can be. I'm in real estate, and time is what usually kills a deal," he said. "This is not just about baseball. It's about building a great city and a city that is looked down upon and missed a lot of opportunities for being the 10th-largest city, and being the capital of Silicon Valley. We have complied with everything MLB has asked for. On two earlier occasions we were ready for a vote and we were asked by commissioner Selig to hold off, so we did.

"不幸地,越多時間流逝的話,你/妳就越沒辦法樂觀。我在房地產時,時間常常會讓交易無法完成" 他說 "那不僅僅與棒球有關,關係著打造一座偉大的城市,這座城市 (譯註: 聖荷西)過去被瞧不起,並喪失許多成為國內第十大城的機會,如今是矽谷的首都。我們一直以來都遵從MLB要求的。先前有兩次我們準備好要公投了,卻被主席Selig要求暫緩,我們也做到了"

"People are just waiting for the answer and it's hard to be proactive when you're just waiting," he said. "When we realized we wouldn't be on the spring ballot we started to point toward the fall, and now that time is coming up. To get a ballot measure on a November ballot without a special election, you have to have the language ready and procedures complete by August, September at the latest. To be honest, you really have to have it right now. If you go it alone for a special election, it is expensive, probably around $2 million to $4 million." 

"人們只能等答案,而當你/妳只是在等待時很難積極"他說"當我們意識到我們將不會被放上春天的公投後,我們開始指向秋天,而如今時間快到了。在沒有special election的十一月想取得公投提案,你必須在八月將文字準備好且完成相關程序,最遲是在九月。老實說,你/妳現在就需要準備好了。如果要單辦公投,是很昂貴的,大約需兩百到四百萬美金"

In the meantime, like Michael Mulcahy, Lew Wolff waits for his old fraternity mate Selig to render his judgment, each day simultaneously pushing a potential new stadium project back months and maybe years, each day without a decision pushing the A's back to the dreary limbo of the Coliseum, a place they don't want and by next year may not want them. Wolff has said even if Selig were to rule in his favor today, the San Jose ballpark wouldn't be ready for another five years. "I'm not getting any younger, and neither are my baseball people," he said. "If we're to get this done, now is the time." 

在此同時,就像Michael Mulcahy (的等待),Lew Wolff等待他的老夥伴Selig裁決,每一天同時將可能的新球場推回數月或是數年前 (譯註: 無法動工),每一個沒有獲得決定的日子將A's推回淒涼的Coliseum監獄,一個他們不想要的地方,明年過後那個地方也可能不要他們。
Wolff說過如果Selig今天不決定就是他偏愛的聖荷西,聖荷西球場還要再五年才能好。 (感謝綠灣大協助指正) Wolff說過即使Selig今天就決定A's搬到他 (Wolff)偏愛的聖荷西,聖荷西的球場都還要再五年才能蓋好。"我再也不年輕了,我的球員也是"他說"如果我們可以完成此事的話,現在就是時機"

According to one baseball source, the committee does not intend to present Selig with a spiral-bound report. Other sources say the committee may not even make formal recommendations to Selig, making it difficult to gauge when its work will be complete. Though the clock is ticking on the A's, sources also say the committee has not expressed any time pressure to present Selig of its findings. 

根據一個球界消息來源,委員會不打算向Selig提出一個spiral-bound report (?)。另有幾個消息說委員會甚至可能不會給Selig做出正式的建議,難以估計工作何時完成。雖然A's沒什麼時間了,幾個消息來源也說委員會並不會表達時間方面的壓力來向Selig呈現事實的認定

"That's very true," Wolff said. "The pressure isn't on them. It's on me." 




自2005年左右起,A's就跟奧克蘭以及北加州的幾座城市討論蓋一座棒球專用的球場。曾計畫將A's搬到奧克蘭25哩以南的Fremont,2006年11月經報導A's最快2010年會離開奧克蘭,Fremont官方也出面證實,預定中的球場計畫叫做Cisco Field,32000個座位的棒球場;但09年2月Wolff發出公開信說A's不會搬到Fremont了

也傳過如果在灣區的協商都破滅,將使用3A Sacramento River Cats (沙加緬度河貓隊)的主場Raley Field,如果真的是這樣的話,只需要動增加座位的工程即可 (沙加緬度在奧克蘭東北部的沙加緬度郡,不屬於灣區)



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